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Terry de Vries has worked with the labyrinth as a spiritual tool for the past 21 years to facilitate deep emotional healing. The labyrinth symbolizes a sacred journey; the path you walk through life to learn and grow. It provides a safe space where you can reconnect with your authentic self, access your inner creativity and innate wisdom, and connect with the Divine.

"I first stumbled upon a labyrinth in 1997 when I studied a yoga teacher's training course at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies near Woodstock, USA. It was quite by chance. My 5-year-old-son Josua was moody - it was late afternoon - and as we walked around the garden we suddenly saw this interesting pattern. I didn't know at the time what it was, but we started to chase each other and ran all the way to the centre. Within a few minutes, he started to laugh and his whole mood changed. That changed my life.

"The effect of the simple, meandering path fascinated me and I subsequently researched and walked labyrinths throughout South Africa and abroad. In 2004 I had the privilege to study with Dr Lauren Artress, a leading force in the worldwide labyrinth movement.

"The labyrinth as a tool to facilitate change and transformation changed the way I worked. At last I found a tool that can help people to find answers and insights. A tool that can help people to embrace change, find inner peace and get clarity.

"I truly believe the labyrinth offers a unique opportunity to help people find harmony, joy and laughter in the light and dark moments of everyday life."


1. Soulful labyrinth ceremonies:

I facilitate labyrinth walks, for one person or a group, to let go of the past, heal grief or trauma, cope with a divorce, resolve conflict, work with an issue, answer specific questions, or work with a theme like journey into creativity. 

I also facilitate specific walks for weddings, funerals/wakes, birthdays, rites of passage and with full/new moon.

2. Building a labyrinth retreat:

To build a labyrinth is to create a sacred space. It is a profound and meaningful experience to physically build a labyrinth. In the process you learn how to work with the earth energies, how to clear a space, how to call in the help of spirit directions and how to anchor a labyrinth so that you will be able to build one at your own place. I have facilitated such retreats all over the world.

3. Building a labyrinth:

I have built labyrinths since 1997 both locally and abroad. I choose from different patterns and can build a labyrinth anywhere to suit your needs and fit in the space that you have available, be it at a private home, retreat, farm, school, hospital, business, prison, public space or nature reserve. Different materials are used depending on the site and budget.


Terry de Vries

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